The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (2023)

Here we are at the beginning of another year, and whether you're a fan of experiencing new stuff or revisiting old favorites, you're probably looking for things to stream as a distraction from the hustle of settling into a post-holiday routine. And if you're a horror fan, you're probably hoping those things will be scary.

Well, Peacock has you covered. The NBCUniversal streaming service has retained a robust horror collection pretty much since it launched, and right now it's particularly packed with great options for horror junkies. So, from a zombie classic to a modern slasher and everything in between, these are the scariest horror films streaming on Peacock right now.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (1)

Night of the Living Dead (1968). Photo: Night of the Living Dead (1/10) Movie CLIP - They're Coming to Get You (1968) HD / Movieclips Youtube

What can we say about Night of the Living Dead that hasn't already been said? George A. Romero's stone-cold classic served as the blueprint for the modern zombie genre. Without it, our collective cultural notion of reanimated corpses seeking out flesh and representing deeper ideas about society would simply not exist.

"We had $6,000 and a loose idea based on a short story I'd written which was in fact an allegorical thing," Romero remarked in a 1972 interview. "We decided to take that and turn it into a real blood and guts film, and that's how it started."

Watch it here

Black Christmas (1974)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (2)

Black Christmas (1974) Photo: Black Christmas (1974) KILL COUNT / Dead Meat YouTube

(Video) The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2021

Once again, we return to the debate of which movie kicked off the slasher boom that would come to define the late ‘70s and all of the 1980s. Released a full four years before Michael Myers went on his famous killing spree in Haddonfield, Black Christmas might very well have a genuine claim to the title of being the first modern slasher flick.

Prior to his death in 2007, director Bob Clark shot down speculation that Halloween was a rip-off of his movie: "[John] liked Black Christmas and may have been influenced by it, but in no way did John Carpenter copy the idea." Whatever the case, Black Christmas (a simple tale of sorority sisters being stalked and killed in gruesome fashion) makes for a festive watch any day of the year.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(1974)

Shot over one sweltering Texas summer in 1973, Tobe Hooper's chaotic horror masterpiece still ranks among the most unsettling things you can watch on any given day. The seat-of-your-pants production, coupled with the real sweat across the actors' faces and a sense of lived-in funk that you can feel in your nostrils, adds an almost docudrama air to the whole piece. You feel like you're in the van with this group of youths driving to their doom, like you're in the house where Leatherface starts carving people up, and like you've got a seat for the most terrifying dinner party in history. Nearly 50 years after its release,Texas Chain Sawremains notorious not because it's bloody, but because it still feels transgressive and horrifying.

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The Changeling(1980)

One of the all-time great haunted house movies, Peter Medak'sThe Changelingbegins with a very simple, yet effective, setup for a horror story. A composer (George C. Scott), still grieving the loss of his wife and child, moves across the country and settles into a historic, secluded mansion to being work on some new music. It's not long before he starts experiencing odd phenomena around the house, all connected to what seems to be the ghost of a dead boy. Rich with atmosphere and anchored by Scott's wonderful central performance,The Changelingjust keeps adding layers to its horrific narrative, right up until one of the most unforgettable climaxes in horror.

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Prom Night (1980)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (3)

A young woman desperately tries to unhook a lock in a scene from the film 'Prom Night', 1980. Photo: AVCO/Getty Images

There's a reason Jamie Lee Curtis (the daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh) gained the monicker of "Scream Queen." Her involvement with early slashers like John Carpenter's Halloween and Paul Lynch's Prom Night cemented her status as a cinematic icon — the prototypical "Final Girl," if you will. Curtis wasn't entirely happy with the latter project, which she claimed was a rip-off of Halloween (everyone was trying to capitalize on the crazed killer, er, craze at the time). Nevertheless, Prom Night remains an indelible part of the slasher canon and even got a remake in 2008.

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The Stepfather (1989)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (4)

Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather (1987). Photo: The Stepfather (1987) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers YouTube

If you loved Terry O'Quinn as the Alien Tracker in SYFY's Resident Alien, then consider checking out his role as a murderous step-parent in this 1989 cult classic.

"[It] was the first time I sort of carried a film, or led in a film, and doing it was fun, and I felt very special," he told The A.V. Club in 2014. "Afterwards, though, I was terrified. I just thought, 'Wow, this is basically going to be about me. If this film is a success or a failure, a lot of it's on me!' They released the film just here and there and now and then, and it got critical acclaim, but it was never much of a success in terms of box office. A lot of people watched it after the fact. It's sort of a cult thing. I still have people mention that to me from time to time."

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The Last Exorcism (2010)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (5)

Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism (2010). Photo: The Last Exorcism (2010) Official Trailer #1 - Ashley Bell Horror Movie / Movieclips Classic Trailers YouTube

(Video) LIZZIE | Full HORROR Movie HD | Based on True Events

A surprisingly effective found footage film, The Last Exorcism (produced by Eli Roth) grapples with themes of faith and belief, channeling its story through the eyes of Cotton Marcus, a disillusioned minister (played by a pre-Better Call Saul Patrick Fabian). He agrees to perform one last exorcism, though he doesn't much believe in his own demon-banishing shtick, let alone Satan himself. We won't spoil the ending, which is one of the best parts, but let's just say it's enough to give Rosemary Woodhouse some serious PTSD flashbacks.

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Sinister (2012)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (6)

Sinister (2012). Photo: Sinister Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Ethan Hawke Horror Movie HD / Movieclips Trailers Youtube

Once deemed the scariest movie ever made by the very laws of science (it has since been dethroned), Sinister takes innocent, family-made home movies and turns them into weapons of mass terror.

The movie was the fourth directorial effort from Scott Derrickson and stars Ethan Hawke as a struggling author who accidentally unleashes an ancient entity with a penchant for convincing children to murder their families. Given the movie's extensive use of Super 8 footage to chilling effect, Derrickson said he believes that "Sinister is certainly an evolution of the genre, but I wouldn't call it a found footage movie — rather, it's a movie with found footage in it."

Watch it here

Train to Busan (2016)

The 12 scariest horror movies streaming on Peacock, from 'Sick' to 'Sinister' (7)

Train to Busan (2016). Photo: Train to Busan (2016) - The First Zombie Scene (1/9) | Movieclips YouTube

(Video) Top 20 Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix

It's hard to do something new with the zombie genre, so when a film comes along and breathes new life (no pun intended) into the realm of reanimated corpses, you have to give credit where credit is due.

Director Yeon Sang-ho's thrilling, and terrifying, Train to Busan is one of those projects. Entirely set aboard a speeding locomotive infested with frenzied zombies, the film gained a great deal of attention for its socioeconomic subtext. In their review for The New York Times, Jeannette Catsoulis described the effort as "a public-transportation horror movie with a side helping of class warfare."

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On the surface, Jordan Peele'sNopemight be the least overtly horrific film in his career thus far, and indeed there are plenty of other elements at work in this story of two siblings trying to capture evidence of a UFO prowling the family ranch. There's plenty of science fiction, as the plot suggests, and lots of summer action movie adventure to amp up the popcorn movie fun. And of course, it's also very funny. But deep down, where it really counts,Nopemanages to deliver some of the most horrifying imagery of Peele's career, from a rain of blood to an unexpected alien encounter to the scariest thing you have ever seen happen on a sitcom set.

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Halloween Ends(2022)

The divisive, much-discussed concluding chapter in theHalloweenlegacy sequel trilogy which began back in 2018,Halloween Endsstill has a lot worth commending as an exercise in straight-up slasher horror. It all starts with the opening sequence, which will have you scratching your head right up until your jaw is on the floor thanks to an iconic opening kill, then progresses to one of the most ambitious slasher franchise entries we've seen in quite some time. Whatever elseHalloween Endsmight be, it's a movie with the guts to take some massive swings, and in the process, it delivers some very memorable death scenes and one absolutely definitive climax.

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One of the first great horror films of 2023,Sickis simultaneously a great home invasion thriller, a solid high-concept slasher, and an incisive, often funny look at the dread which surrounded us all in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The setup is simple: Two friends head out to a secluded lake house to quarantine amid luxurious surroundings, then masked killers show up and try to murder them. Why are they trying to murder these specific people, and what does it have to do with other deaths back in the crowded city? That's for you to find out, but along the way you're definitely going to get plenty of tension-laden chase scenes, memorable injuries, and a truly wild third act.

Watch it here


What horror movies are currently on Peacock? ›

The Best Horror Movies on Peacock Right Now
  • Night of The Living Dead (1968)
  • The Endless (2017)
  • Black Christmas (1974)
  • Halloween Ends (2022)
Oct 31, 2022

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These top three big original horror movies have been watched continuously by viewers. Halloween (1978), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), and Scream (1996) are classics that have been popular amongst people, especially during October.

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What is the scariest modern horror movie? ›

'Sinister' (2012)

Considered by many to be the scariest modern horror film of all time, Sinister is… well, pretty darn sinister. Ethan Hawke plays a non-fiction crime writer who moves his family into a house where gruesome murders took place, as his research reveals horrifying discoveries.

Is there any good scary movies on Peacock? ›

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  • The Black Phone (2021) The Black Phone is based on a short story by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King. ...
  • The Blair Witch Project (1999) ...
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) ...
  • Saw (2004) ...
  • Frankestein (1931) ...
  • The Birds (1963) ...
  • Werewolf of London (1935) ...
  • The Thing (1982)
Oct 14, 2022

What Rated R movies are on Peacock? ›

  • Short Term 12, 2013. ...
  • The Imposter, 2012. ...
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, 2006. ...
  • The Believer, 2001. ...
  • Half Nelson, 2006. ...
  • Disclosure, 2020. ...
  • Wendy and Lucy, 2008. ...
  • Stuck in Love, 2012.


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