Ruler Online in mm, cm & inches (2023)

Measuring things is difficult, especially if you don’t have a physical ruler handy.But with you can quickly and easily measure things in mm, cm and inches right on your screen!

What is Ruler Online?

Ruler Online is an online ruler that can be used to measure in mm, cm and inches.It is a convenient and accurate on-screen online ruler for any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

How to measure in mm, cm and inches

We often find ourselves in situations where we need to measure something, but don’t have a ruler handy.Maybe you’re trying to measure a piece of furniture to see if it fits in your space, or you need to know the length of a cord or hose.Either way, has you covered!

Our online ruler is available in inches and centimeters, so you can use whatever units you feel comfortable with.And because it’s online, you can use it on any device – desktop, laptop, or even your smartphone.

To use the ruler, simply place the object you want to measure against the screen and align it with the zero mark.Then read the measurement at the end of the object.It’s so easy!

So the next time you need a quick measurement, be sure to check out – your go-to source for all things measurement!

Using ruler online

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to measure anything, look no further than Ruler Online!This on-screen ruler is perfect for measuring things in mm, cm and inches.Plus, it’s super accurate, so you can be sure of your measurements.Here’s how to use it:

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First, visit on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.You will see the ruler on the screen.Place the object you want to measure against the left or right side of the ruler.Make sure it is centered so you can get an accurate reading.

Then use your mouse or finger (depending on the device you are using) to drag the arrow along the ruler to where you want to measure.You will see the dimensions in mm, cm and inches appear as you drag.When you’re done, release the arrow and you’ve got your reading!

Tips for using an online ruler

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to measure something, an online ruler is a good option.Here are some tips for using an online ruler:

1. Make sure to use a reputable website.There are many websites that claim to provide accurate readings, but not all of them.Do some research to find a website you can trust.

2. Know the ruler’s limitations.Most online rulers are only accurate to within a certain margin of error.Keep this in mind when taking measurements.

3. Take multiple measurements.If you’re trying to get an accurate reading, take multiple measurements with the ruler and average them out.This helps to compensate for any inaccuracies in the individual measurements.

What are the best features of Ruler Online?

Ruler Online is a convenient and accurate online ruler on the screen in inches and centimeters/millimeters for any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.Here are some of the best features:

-Accuracy: Ruler Online is highly accurate, making it perfect for measuring small objects.

-Convenience: You can use Ruler Online anytime, anywhere, without having to carry a physical ruler.

-Flexibility: Ruler Online can be used on any device with an internet connection, making it very versatile.

– Customizability: You can adapt the ruler to your specific needs, such as changing the units of measure or the size of the ruler.

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Why use an online ruler?

There are plenty of reasons to use an online ruler instead of a physical one.First, it is more accurate than most physical rulers.This is because online rulers are calibrated to accurately display measurements, while physical rulers can be subject to manufacturing inaccuracies.

Another advantage of using an online ruler is that you can use it on any device with an internet connection, be it a desktop computer, laptop or even a smartphone.This allows you to quickly and easily measure something, without having to look for a physical ruler.

Finally, online rulers are usually free to use, while physical rulers can cost money.So if you’re looking for a convenient and accurate way to measure anything, an online ruler is the way to go!

Pros and Cons of Ruler Online

There are many online ruler tools available, but is Ruler Online the best option?Here we take a look at the pros and cons of this popular on-screen ruler tool.


-Ruler Online is a convenient and accurate on-screen ruler in inches and centimeters/millimeters, making it ideal for use on any device, including laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones.

-The ruler can be calibrated to ensure accuracy.

-The user interface is simple and easy to use.


-Some users have reported issues with ruler accuracy, especially on smaller screens.

-The website may not work correctly in all browsers.

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The different types of rulers

There are many different types of rulers on the market, from wood or metal to digital rulers.But which one is best for you?Here we look at the different types of rulers to help you make the right choice.

Wooden rulers are perhaps the most traditional option and can be used for a variety of tasks, from measuring to drawing straight lines.They are also relatively cheap and easy to find.However, wooden rulers can split or warp over time, so it’s important to take good care of them.

Metal rulers are another popular option and tend to be more durable than their wooden counterparts.They are also often more accurate, making them ideal for precision tasks such as measuring.However, metal rulers can be more expensive than wooden ones and can sometimes be difficult to find.

Digital rulers are a newer option on the market and offer the convenience of being able to measure without having to carry around a physical ruler.They are also often more accurate than traditional rulers, making them ideal for precision tasks.However, digital rulers can be more expensive than other options and may require batteries to work.

The benefits of using an online ruler

There are many advantages to using an online ruler over a physical one.Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can use it on any device with an internet connection, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.This means you can quickly and easily measure anything without having to search for a physical ruler.

Another big advantage is that an online ruler is usually more accurate than a physical one.This is because it can be calibrated to ensure accurate readings.With a physical ruler, it can be difficult to get an accurate reading because of the different markings on the ruler itself.

Finally, using an online ruler is often more convenient than a physical one.For example, if you need to measure something quickly, you can simply pull out your online ruler and take the measurement quickly and easily.There is no need to fumble with a physical ruler, which can be time consuming and frustrating.

Alternatives to Ruler Online

There are a few different ways you can measure things on your screen without using an online ruler.If you have a Windows computer, you can use the Snipping Tool to measure things on your screen.To do this, open the Snipping Tool (you can search for it in the Start menu) and click and drag to select the area you want to measure.When you release the mouse button, the selected area is highlighted and its dimensions are displayed in the Snipping Tool window.

If you have a Mac, you can use the built-in Screen Recording tool to measure things on your screen.To do this, press Command+Shift+4 on your keyboard and click and drag to select the area you want to measure.When you release the mouse button, the screenshot of the selected area will be saved to your desktop.You can then open the screenshot in Preview and use the rulers along the side of the window to measure the dimensions of the selection. is the best online ruler!

Looking for a reliable and accurate online ruler?Look no further than!Our on-screen ruler is perfect for measuring in mm, cm and inches, and is available for any device – be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.Plus, our ruler is completely free to use!

Getting started with Ruler Online

Ruler Online is a convenient and accurate online ruler on the screen in inches and centimeters/millimeters for any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.Getting started with Ruler Online is easy.Simply navigate to the website and select the type of ruler you need.You can then use your mouse or finger to measure objects on your screen.

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If you’re looking for a more accurate measurement, you can use the zoom to get a closer look.You can also change the units of measure from inches to centimeters/millimeters, or vice versa.And if you need to measure something in another language, Ruler Online supports multiple languages.

So whether you are a student, teacher, parent or just someone who needs to measure something on their screen, Ruler Online is the perfect tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ruler Online

1) What is Ruler Online?

Ruler Online is a convenient and accurate online ruler on the screen in inches and centimeters/millimeters for any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

2) How does it work?

Simply open the site on your favorite device and choose whether you want to measure in mm, cm or inches.Then move the mouse or your finger across the screen to get an accurate reading.

3) Is it correct?

Yes!Ruler Online is designed to be as accurate as possible.

4) What if I need to measure something bigger than my screen?

No problem!Ruler Online can be used in full screen on desktop and laptop devices, or you can use the zoom feature on mobile devices.Just zoom in until the entire object you want to measure is visible on the screen and then take your measurement.

How accurate is an online ruler?

You may be wondering how accurate an online ruler can be.After all, it is not the case that you hold the ruler in your hand and measure something yourself.Rest assured, however, that an online ruler can be just as accurate as a physical one.In fact, most online rulers use the same measurements as physical rulers, so you can rest assured that they will give you the correct measurements.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the size of your screen can affect the accuracy of the measurements.If you are using a small screen, the ruler may not be able to give you an accurate reading.In this case, it is best to use a larger screen or print the ruler so that you can get a more accurate reading.

Are there any downsides to using an online ruler?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to measure something, an online ruler can be a good option.However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it.First of all, online rulers are not always 100% accurate.They may even differ by a millimeter or two.This may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a difference if you’re trying to measure something accurate.Second, online rulers can be affected by the resolution of your screen.If you’re using a high-resolution screen, the ruler will appear larger than it would on a lower-resolution screen.Finally, online rulers only work on digital devices such as computers and smartphones.If you need to measure something on an analog device like a tape measure, you need to find another option.

Conclusion is an extremely handy online ruler that can be used on any device, be it a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.It is accurate and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to measure in inches or centimeters/millimeters.Whether you’re looking for an exact measurement of something or just need a quick and easy way to measure something on the screen, is the perfect solution.


How big is 7mm actual size? ›

7mm = almost 9/32 inch (= a bit over 1/4 inch) 8mm = 5/16 inch. 9mm = almost 3/8 inch. 10mm = just over 3/8 inch.

How big is 14mm on a ruler? ›

Millimeter Conversion Chart
MMApproximate Size In InchesExact Size In Inches
14mm9/16 Inch0.55118 Inches
15mmJust short of 5/8 Inch0.59055 Inches
16mm5/8 Inch0.62992 Inches
17mmJust short of 11/16 Inch0.66929 Inches
21 more rows

How big is 4 mm actual size? ›

MMApproximate Size In InchesExact Size In Inches
4mm1/8 Inch0.15748 Inches
5mm3/16 Inch0.19685 Inches
6mmJust short of 1/4 Inch0.23622 Inches
7mmLittle over 1/4 Inch0.27559 Inches
21 more rows

How do I get a ruler on my screen? ›

If you need a ruler on your phone, perhaps to visualize one inch on the screen, then you should use a dedicated app. For Android, we like the aptly titled Ruler. It's a highly rated app that lets you make small measurements on your phone.

Is 1 4 inch the same as 6mm? ›

Google is your friend! 6mm equal to 0.2362 inches. Your 6mm spinner will "work" on a 1/4" shaft, but you may have to ream out the hole a little to get it to slide on easily.

How many mm is a dime? ›

17.91 mm

What is the millimeter of 1 inch? ›

It stated that an inch is exactly 25.4 mm or 2.54 cm.

Is 14mm smaller than 18mm? ›

A 14mm male bowl piece is about 3/4 of the size of a dime whereas an 18mm male bowl piece is almost the entire size of a dime. To summarize: whatever gender joint you have, it will use the opposite gender and same sizes for its parts, bowls and accessories.

Which is bigger 4 mm or 1 cm? ›

Both millimeters and centimeters is the unit to measure the length.
Millimeter to Centimeter Table.
Millimeter (mm)Centimeter (cm)
1 mm0.1 cm
2 mm0.2 cm
3 mm0.3 cm
4 mm0.4 cm
4 more rows

What does mm look like on a ruler? ›

On a metric ruler, each individual line represents a millimeter (mm). The numbers on the ruler represent centimeters (cm). There are 10 millimeters for each centimeter.

What size is 3 mm in inches? ›

Millimeters to inches conversion table
Millimeters (mm)Inches (") (decimal)Inches (") (fraction)
3 mm0.1181 ″1/8 ″
4 mm0.1575 ″5/32 ″
5 mm0.1969 ″13/64 ″
6 mm0.2362 ″15/64 ″
17 more rows

Can I use my phone as a ruler? ›

To turn your mobile phone or tablet into a ruler, you'll need to download a third-party ruler app, such as Ruler by NixGame or another popular app. It's also recommended to find the measurements of your phone display, as you can only measure objects within the width of your Android screen.

Does Google have a ruler app? ›

Measure Up uses WebXR to help you calculate the length, area and volume of the things around you - all straight from the browser. Follow the link to open Measure Up in Chrome for Android and start measuring the world in augmented reality.

How do I turn on my ruler on my browser? ›

To be able to toggle rulers for a page, you first need to enable the button by going to the settings page for the Developer Tools and checking “Toggle rulers for the page” under Available Toolbox Buttons.

What is the size of 10mm? ›

SAE to Metric Conversion Chart
47 more rows
Apr 29, 2020

Is 25 mm the same as 1 inch? ›

In summary, 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters.

What size is 1 4 inch in mm? ›

6.35 mm

What size MM is a penny? ›

The coin is 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) in diameter and 0.0598 inches (1.52 mm) in thickness.

How many MM is a penny size? ›

U.S. 1-cent coin (a penny) has a diameter of 19 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm.

How much is 10 mm on the ruler? ›

10 mm is the same length as 1 cm. Every centimetre on a ruler is worth 10 mm.

How long is 5mm? ›

1 inch is 2.54 cm (or 25.4 mm). So 5 mm is just about 1/5th of an inch.

How do you measure mm with a tape measure? ›

If you have a metric tape measure, the numbers should be read like this:
  1. The large, numbered markings are centimeters.
  2. There is a smaller marking exactly halfway between the centimeters for ease of reading.
  3. The smallest markings are millimeters, or one tenth of a centimeter.

How many mm is half and inch? ›

12.70 mm

What is inch half in mm? ›

12.70 mm

How do you measure 1 millimeter? ›

A metric ruler or measuring tape is required to measure in millimeters.
Millimeter Measurement
  1. Place the left end of the object on the 0 mark of the ruler.
  2. Count the spaces (not the lines) from the 0 to the end of the object or just before the end of the object.
Jun 24, 2021

Is 1 cm the same as 10 mm? ›

In the case of millimeters (mm), a millimeter is 1/1000th of a meter. We see that a centimeter and millimeter differ by a factor of 10. This means that 10 mm will be equal to 1 cm.

Which is thicker mm or cm? ›

1/100 is larger. Actually, there are 10 millimeters for every centimeter. Now, it is easy to see that the centimeter is larger than the millimeter.

Is 10cm bigger than 1mm? ›

While both have the meter as their base unit, the centimeter is ten times larger than a millimeter. 4. There are 25.4 millimeters in one inch while there are 2.54 centimeters in one inch.

How can I measure mm without a ruler? ›

Multiply the centimeter measurement just before the end of your object by 10. Note the number of the last full centimeter measurement. Multiplying this number by 10 will convert the unit of measurement to millimeters and tell you how long your object is in millimeters up to this point.

How many cm is a 1 ruler? ›

How many centimeters does a ruler have? A standard ruler is 30 cm in length.

How many inches are in mm? ›

1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters, which is the conversion factor from inches to millimeters.

How big is 1 cm? ›

1 centimetre = 0.01 meter = 10 millimeter = 0.3937 inches. The relationship between inch and cm is that one inch is exactly equal to 2.54 cm in the metric system.

How do I use my iPhone as a ruler? ›

Use the Measure app and your iPhone camera to measure nearby objects. iPhone automatically detects the dimensions of rectangular objects, or you can manually set the start and end points of a measurement. For best results, use Measure on well-defined objects located 0.5 to 3 meters (2 to 10 feet) from iPhone.

Can I measure mm with my phone? ›

Millimeter - screen ruler app for Android

Millimeter is a simple free screen ruler app. You can measure small objects that fit device screen with this ruler. There are NO ADs in the app for best experience and real full screen measurements.

Is there a ruler app for iPhone? ›

The Measure app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to turn your device into a tape measure. You can gauge the size of objects, automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, and save a photo of the measurement.

How do I use the ruler in Google? ›

On the map, hover over a spot and click a starting point for your measurement. Then, hover over another spot and click an end point. The measurement will show up in the "Ruler" window.

Is there a ruler in Chrome? ›

Click Toggle Device Toolbar

Click More Options and then select Show rulers. The rulers are to the left of and above your viewport. You can click on the numbers to set the width and height to that size.

What happened to Google's Measure app? ›

Google Inc has ended its augmented reality (AR) Measure app along with many others in recent months, Android Police reported on Tuesday. Google quietly killed off its Tango AR platform after focusing on expanding support for ARCore in March 2018.

What is the shortcut key for view ruler? ›

To toggle the rulers on and off, use the keyboard shortcut Command-R (PC: Ctrl-R), or go under the View menu and select Show Rulers or Hide Rulers (the option changes depending on whether the rulers are currently visible).

Where is the ruler tool? ›

To show the Rulers in Photoshop, either go to View in the menu and select Rulers, or press CMD+R (Mac) or CTRL+R (Windows) on your keyboard.

What is a 7mm comparable to? ›

With comparable bullet weights, the 7mm Mag. will supersede the velocities of the . 30-06 Springfield; though the '06 can use heavier bullets, the 7mm of equal weight will offer a better Sectional Density.

What is 7 mm equivalent to in inches? ›

0.2756 ″ 9/32 ″

What caliber is 7mm closest to? ›

The 7mm occupies the “sweet spot” between 6.5mm and 30 caliber–with an optimal balance between bullet weight and BC. It's hard to beat 7mm ballistics with either a 6.5mm or a reasonably-sized 30, and the 7mm will give longer barrel life than a 6.5 mm with less recoil than a 30-caliber (of equal BC).

Is a 7mm good for big game? ›

The 7mm Rem. Mag., by contrast, is chambered by Federal in bullets between 140 grains and 175 grains, and other companies load 100-grain projectiles. This range is ideal for medium to big game, including all the animals listed above.

Why is the 7mm so popular? ›

Why is that the case? First, many 7x57mm Mauser loads (especially 173gr full metal jacket military ammunition) use long bullets that have a high sectional density and penetrate very well. Second, the 7mm Mauser is easy for most people to shoot accurately and place their shots on an animal precisely.

Can you shoot a deer with a 7mm? ›

The 7mm Remington Magnum was (and, to a lesser degree, still is) touted as one of the best “western” cartridges. It is indeed versatile. With fast and flat-shooting 140 and 150-grain bullets it's a fantastic open-country cartridge for mule deer, sheep, and goat.

What's bigger 30-06 or 7mm? ›

The 30-06, as you might guess, fires 30-caliber or 0.308” diameter bullets while the 7mm Rem Mag fires 0.284” diameter bullets (7.2mm). While the case length for the 30-06 is only 0.006” shorter than the 7mm, the case capacity is quite different between the two.

What is 1 inch in MM exactly? ›

Also, 1 inch to mm is 25.4, while 1 inch to cm is 2.54.

Is 1 mm the same as 1 inch? ›

1 inch = 25.4 millimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters. 100 centimeters = 1 meter.

Is 308 bigger than 7mm? ›

The 7mm-08 case is just slightly longer than the parent . 308—2.035 inches vs. 2.015 inches—but maintains the same 20-degree shoulder of the . 308 Winchester.

Which is better 7mm Rem Mag or 6.5 Creedmoor? ›

The 6.5 Creedmoor fires smaller diameter and more aerodynamic bullets than the 7mm-08 Remington. Both cartridges have a similar trajectory, but the 7mm-08 retains more kinetic energy than the 6.5 Creedmoor at typical hunting ranges while the 6.5 Creedmoor has less recoil.

Is a 308 better than a 7mm-08? ›

308 is better suited for large game thanks to heavier bullets, but it could also be argued the 7mm-08, with its lighter, faster, flatter-shooting bullets and less recoil, is better for medium game and varmints.

Is a 7mm more powerful than a 300? ›

300 Win Mag has a 5-8% advantage in capacity over the 7mm Rem Mag due to its shoulder placement and longer case length. As you'd expect from the fact that the two cartridges are very close in overall size, the ballistics of the 7mm Rem Mag and . 300 Win Mag are also pretty similar.

Can you hunt elk with a 7mm? ›

Hunters using lightweight 140gr bullets designed for deer hunting may still experience issues with poor penetration today, but the 7mm Remington Magnum is absolutely deadly on elk when using premium quality 160-175gr bullets.


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