Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (2023)

When the battlefield gets cluttered with monstrous creatures, it’s best to clean the slate. For that, Magic: The Gathering has board wipes. You will commonly see board wipe spells in control decks, but some midrange strategies have been known to utilize a board wipe or two. Nowadays, it’s not simply about removing creatures from the battlefield, as some of these spells remove other permanents.

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Unlike spot removal spells like Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares, a wrath spell doesn't target and they don't typically deal damage, which allows you to get around hexproof and protection on a creature. Mana value, removal of more than just creatures, and added costs are just a few aspects to look at when determining a board wipe's validity. Today, we take a look at some of the best board wipes white has to offer.


10 Vanquish The Horde Is Cheaper With A Higher Head Count

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (1)

How can a spell that costs six generic mana and two white mana be considered one of the best? It didn’t see a lot of play in Standard, but it is a great card in Commander when you’re up against multiple opponents filling the board with creatures.

The more creatures on the battlefield, the better for Vanquish the Horde, because it can eventually become a wrath for two white mana. If you play a Midnight Hunt draft, this is also a good pick to take care of those creature-heavy decks.

9 Austere Command Gives You Options

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (2)
(Video) Top Ten MTG: Best Board Wipes For Commander

The Lorwyn block introduced a cycle of spells called the Commands. These are spells that presented multiple modes to choose from when casting the spell. Better yet, you are able to choose two modes, which offers a lot of versatility for a single card. Austere Command is ever present in Commander and would be highly playable in Standard even today.

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Next to blue’s Cryptic Command, this is one of the most played Commands since its first printing. If you needed to destroy multiple artifacts and enchantments, not creatures, Austere Command made that possible.

8 Divine Purge Is Death And Taxes Incarnate

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (3)

Board wipes are powerful spells when they’re simply destroying creatures. As the game continues to evolve, the aspects of evergreen spells need to also and Alchemy is a clear sign of that evolution.

Divine Purge doesn’t destroy, it exiles. It doesn’t exile just creatures, it removes artifacts too. White in MTG is nothing if not fair, so Divine Purge gives the opportunity to replay the permanents that were exiled with an additional tax. For a sweeper that only costs three mana to cast, that’s arguably too powerful.

7 Akroma's Vengeance Removes More Than Just Creatures

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (4)
(Video) Board Wipe Tier List for Commander | Which Board Wipes are the Best?

There’s nothing worse than having a dead card in your hand during a match of MTG. It’s not fun playing against an opponent with a creatureless deck while you have a hand full of removal spells. Akroma’s Vengeance allows you to cycle it when you don’t need it and need to find a better answer to your opponent’s threats.

Luckily, Akroma’s Vengeance doesn’t only remove creatures, it also goes after artifacts and enchantments. It’s a versatile sweeper that sees most play these days in Commander.

6 Farewell Is An Upgrade From A Lorwyn Classic

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (5)

Kamigawa: Neon Destiny printed a strictly better version of Austere Command in the form of Farewell. Instead of destroying permanents, it exiles them, which gets around indestructible. Better yet, Farewell allows you to choose any number of modes it offers, not just two.

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This is a catch-all sweeper that all decks should worry about. Have a graveyard strategy? Farewell exiles your graveyard. Playing an artifact deck with affinity? Farewell exiles all artifacts. Farewell is a perfect name for this spell and finds itself in decks from Standard, Pioneer, and Explorer.

5 Doomskar Lays In Wait

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (6)
(Video) TOP TEN - Board Wipes!

The standard for white board wipes has typically been a mana value of four. The only time they’ve been less has been when they have a secondary color like Deafening Clarion or if they have a stipulation like the aforementioned Vanquish the Horde.

Doomskar on its own costs five mana, but with the foretell mechanic it only costs three mana. Several strategies allow you to take advantage of foretelling Doomskar. If needed, you can cast it on turn three or let your opponent amass their army and cast later and have enough mana to follow it up. Doomskar will be missed in Standard.

4 Day Of Judgment Is An Oldy But A Goody

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (7)

Regarding functional reprints, it doesn’t get much closer than Day of Judgment. When Wrath of God left rotation, Day of Judgment took its place as the four mana sweeper and set the trend for white board wipes to be at that mana cost.

It’s a simple spell that does what you want it to: level the playing field. Of course, indestructible poses an issue, and the occasional creature can regenerate, but Day of Judgment buys you the time you want to survive into the late game.

3 Settle The Wreckage Is An Instant Speed Wrath

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (8)

Imagine Path to Exile on steroids and you’ll get Settle the Wreckage. Sure, there have been instant speed sweepers before, but few have been white and none as impactful as Settle the Wreckage. Aggro decks have a challenging time playing around Settle when their goal is to knock your life total down to zero as quickly as possible.

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The beauty of this sweeper is that it exiles attacking creatures and doesn’t target them. Just don’t pull the trigger too soon unless you’re okay with your opponent getting lands they wouldn’t otherwise have.

2 Wrath Of God Is The Original Sweeper

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (9)

If you like playing creatures, this is the card you get to thank for removing them en mass. A Magic: The Gathering staple since Alpha’s release in 1993, this sweeper started it all. Regenerate was a common feature on creatures, making Wrath of God a significant nuisance for players.

Killing off players before turn four was more crucial than ever because there weren’t a lot of ways to avoid a well-timed wrath. If you come across a Wrath of God from Alpha, it’s worth around $700.

1 Balance Was Too Unbalanced

Magic: The Gathering - The 10 Best White Board Wipes (10)

Imagine a card so powerful, that it’s banned in two formats that it would otherwise be legal in and restricted in another. Two mana is cheap when you look at what it does, and suddenly, it being banned makes sense.

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When you can’t even play it in Commander, it has a problem. It’s easy: When your opponent has more creatures than you, balance the scales. However, Balance doesn’t stop at creatures. Both players had to have the same amount of cards in hand and lands. You can argue that it’s fair, but there are plenty of ways to abuse this card.

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How many board wipes should I run? ›

Whilst traditional deck building templates have indicated as many as five to seven board wipes, the current word on the street is that around three to four is enough.

Do board wipes work against indestructible? ›

Although board wipes are very powerful, there are some ways to counter them. The key thing here is the keywords. Most board wipes “destroy” creatures, so one way to protect your creatures (and permanents) is to buff them with the “indestructible”keyword.

Can you regenerate from board wipes? ›

However, regenerate doesn't protect from board wipes that don't destroy or deal damage. Regenerating Korlash won't save it from Terminus, Languish, or All is Dust.

Do board wipes target? ›

However, board wipes and any other spells that don't target will be useful here, and you can still block them with your creatures.

How far should you wipe after pooping? ›

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What happens if you flush too many wipes? ›

The wipes get caught up in the pipes, easily building up and causing blockages and overflows. Sometimes the materials can even get caught in your pump and stop it in its tracks. But the damage doesn't stop at your front door: Flushing these materials can create larger problems for your city's sewer systems.

Does Deathtouch beat indestructible? ›

Indestructible creatures also ignore deathtouch. Normally, a creature is destroyed if it takes damage from a creature with deathtouch. But since indestructible creatures can't be destroyed, they're immune.

Does Hexproof protect from board wipes? ›

Granting hexproof to a permanent or player doesn't cause opponents' Auras to become unattached. A card that has 'hexproof' is still affected by board wipes that don't target specifically that card.

What are the best board wipes in MTG? ›

Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best White Board Wipes
  • 5 Doomskar Lays In Wait.
  • 6 Farewell Is An Upgrade From A Lorwyn Classic. ...
  • 7 Akroma's Vengeance Removes More Than Just Creatures. ...
  • 8 Divine Purge Is Death And Taxes Incarnate. ...
  • 9 Austere Command Gives You Options. ...
  • 10 Vanquish The Horde Is Cheaper With A Higher Head Count. ...
Sep 11, 2022

Can you regenerate Deathtouch? ›

Deathtouch and Regeneration

You can regenerate from Deathtouch by paying the regeneration cost. If a creature blocking or blocked by a creature with Deathtouch is dealt enough combat damage to destroy it, its controller does not have to pay regeneration costs twice to keep it alive.

Can menace block menace? ›

So what is menace? A creature with menace can't be blocked by just one creature during combat. This means that if you swing at your opponent with a creature with menace, they'll have to block using two or more creatures to deal with the incoming attack.

Does regenerate count as dying? ›

As the name suggests, creatures with regeneration don't die when dealt lethal damage and are instead regenerated. Meaning, they have all damaged removed from them and get tapped and removed from combat (if they're in it).

Does Hexproof stop Deathtouch? ›

Deathtouch vs Hexproof

Because deathtouch does not target a creature, hexproof won't protect a creature from deathtouch. Instead, the hexproof creature will just be dealt damage normally and be destroyed as a result. The same is true for ward and shroud, keywords with similar effects.

Does shroud negate board wipes? ›

Yes. A spell or ability only targets if it specifically says "target" in its rules text (sometimes the word is packed into the full text of a keyword ability, like "Equip" for equipment or "Enchant NN" for auras). Gideon's ability doesn't target, so shroud won't interfere with it.

Are there any green board wipes MTG? ›

Ezuri's Predation. Green's closest card to a traditional board wipe and the one that takes the top spot on this list is Ezuri's Predation. It sweeps the board in a very green way, creating an army of 4/4 tokens and having them fight the opponents' creatures.

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Is it OK to flush tucks down the toilet? ›

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Does 0 damage Deathtouch? ›

If a creature with deathtouch has zero power, it can't deal damage and thus cannot destroy an attacking or blocking creature. Spells that reduce a creature's power to zero or turn it into a creature with zero power can be effective answers to deathtouch.

Can you block with Planeswalkers? ›

Planeswalkers are not creatures, so they cannot directly attack or block. Creatures can attack an opponent's planeswalkers rather than the opponent themselves. Those creatures may be blocked normally, but if not blocked deal damage to the planeswalker instead of the player.

Can you exile indestructible? ›

An indestructible permanent can be exiled, returned to a player's hand, put into a graveyard for having 0 or less toughness (via anything that gives -X/-X for example), or sacrificed.

Does Hexproof stop counterspell? ›

As such, hexproof does not stop the creature spell from being targetted by a counterspell.

What kills Hexproof? ›

Board wipes do kill hexproof cards.

Rather, board wipes will destroy, damage, or otherwise remove all creatures on the battlefield indiscriminately. As such, hexproof creatures will die to board wipes.

Does protection from all color stop board wipes? ›

Does Protection From a Color Prevent Deathtouch? The short answer here is yes. Protection from black, for example, will prevent all damage dealt by black creatures and spells to whatever has that protection.

What are performance wipes for? ›

PRECISION PERFORMANCE WIPES are the GO-TO SMALL TASK WIPER for office and industrial cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance applications.

Does Elenda get counters during a board wipe? ›

I had a question about Elenda, the Dusk Rose. If you cast her, and then cast a board wipe, will she get counters for all the other creatures that die at the same time as her or would she die as a 1/1? magicjudge answered: No.

Why is Cyclonic Rift good? ›

Cyclonic Rift allows the caster to hold it up until when they absolutely need it. They get as much information as possible, and can make a more calculated decision than one made on a sorcery-speed spell.

Can zombie master regenerate himself? ›

@majinara: Don't forget that the Zombie Master isn't a Legend, meaning you can have two in play at the same time. Not only do you get the safety of redundancy, but your Masters can now regenerate.

Does First Strike override Deathtouch? ›

Originally Answered: What happens when a creature with first strike fights a creature with deathtouch? ? Your death-touch creatures (sadly) never get to touch his creatures. First strike starts an extra combat step, where damage is dealt and resolved.

Does trample work when blocking? ›

702.19a Trample is a static ability that modifies the rules for assigning an attacking creature's combat damage. The ability has no effect when a creature with trample is blocking or is dealing noncombat damage.

Can 2 creatures block 1 attacker? ›

If multiple creatures block the same attacker, the attacking player orders those blockers to show which is first in line for that attacker's damage, which is second, and so on. This is all part of the "declare blockers" action. Once that's done, players can cast spells and activate abilities.

Can you tap a creature with summoning sickness? ›

MTGA icon. Summoning Sickness is what a creature has directly after it is cast onto the battlefield from a player's hand, graveyard, exile, and command zone; and means that the creature is neither able to attack nor use its tap ability that turn.

Do vehicles have summoning sickness? ›

However, vehicles themselves are susceptible to summoning sickness — you can always crew a vehicle and use it to block, but you can't attack with it the turn it comes into play unless it has haste.

Can the Doctor regenerate infinitely? ›

The regeneration limit was a rule enforced by the high counsel, not a biological limit. The master exceeded his 12 so the doctor can too.

Can you regenerate a creature with 0 toughness? ›

Regeneration prevents a creature from being destroyed. Destruction is caused by effects that specifically use the word 'destroy' or when a creature receives damage equal to its toughness.

How many times can the DR regenerate? ›

Maximum number of regenerations in a cycle. In The Deadly Assassin (1976), it is established that a Time Lord can only regenerate twelve times, for a total of thirteen incarnations. This statement is later repeated in Mawdryn Undead (1983), the 1996 TV film and "The Time of the Doctor" (2013).

Can you goad a Hexproof creature? ›

Yes, you can counter a hexproof creature.

Hexproof is an ability that affects the card as long as it's a permanent, so you can absolutely counter it.

Can I enchant my own Hexproof creature? ›

A creature with hexproof can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control. This means that you can load your hexproof creature up with enchantments or cast a spell that gives it +3/+3 in combat, and most of your opponents' removal spells won't help them. (See why hexproof is so polarizing?)

Can Ward block Deathtouch? ›

Does Ward Stop Deathtouch? No. Ward only taxes/counters targeted spells or abilities, but deathtouch doesn't target anything. It's a static ability of the creature with deathtouch, so it doesn't do anything.

How many board wipes is too many? ›

Whilst traditional deck building templates have indicated as many as five to seven board wipes, the current word on the street is that around three to four is enough.

Does indestructible prevent board wipes? ›

Most board wipes “destroy” creatures, so one way to protect your creatures (and permanents) is to buff them with the “indestructible”keyword.

Do shield counters stop board wipes? ›

Shield counters only prevent damage (such as blocking a creature or being hit by a lightning bolt) or destruction effects, like a Murder or a board wipe. They don't stop the creature with the shield counter from being exiled, returned to your hand, or sacrificed.

Can you play time wipe with no creatures? ›

You chose which creature to return to its owner's hand while Time Wipe is resolving. No player may take any actions between the time you choose the creature to return and the time other creatures are destroyed. If you control no creatures, you simply destroy all creatures.

What can green not do MTG? ›

It will blow up artifacts or enchantments. It will even sever opponent's ties to their mana by destroying their land. But it just cannot bring itself to destroy the opponent's creatures. There are a few exceptions, but in general, green does not kill other living things.

How many wipes Should I stockpile? ›

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Should you flush disposable wipes? ›

If you must use wipes, put them in the trash, not the toilet! #WipesClogPipes. Disposable wipes clog both home plumbing and your community sewer system. Don't flush them!

What to use when you run out of wipes? ›

Assess your resources.

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