DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (2023)

Check out these great DIY gift boxes that you can make for birthdays, parties, showers, Christmas or any other special celebration. These use a variety of materials and lots of free printable templates available.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people that thinks that – on occasion – the packaging can be part of the gift. You know what I’m talking about, right?

The Christmas gift that comes in the little box shaped like a gingerbread man. The birthday treats in a special container with confetti in the little clear window. I guess sometimes I’m like a little kid that enjoys playing with the box more than what’s in it!

I didn’t always feel this way. I used to be the worst gift wrapper on the planet. Just ask my mother! I had a lot to work on in terms of presentation. It wasn’t until I realized that you could make the gift box or bag a craft in itself that I got more excited about delivering my gifts in handmade vessels that make an impact.

Which brings me to these DIY gift boxes. When you’re giving smaller items for birthdays or the holidays, gift boxes are a must! Jewelry, keychains, mugs, candles . . . there’s a ton of stuff that is either small or a strange size that goes really well in a box.

And while you’re giving someone a present, why not go ahead and make the container something special too? I’ve got a variety of DIY gift boxes for you to check out – ranging from simple to a little bit more elaborate (gingerbread house!). But all of them are easy. And all of them add a special touch to what is likely an already amazing gift.

Scroll down to get tons of ideas for making a gift box. Then after you’ve seen the options, let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

DIY Gift Boxes

Every occasion is a perfect time to give someone you love something special. Why not make your gift that much more memorable by including an extra touch? Make one of these DIY gift boxes to give your recipient something special!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (2)

DIY Floral Gift Box with Paper Accents

Learn how to dress up plain gift boxes for teacher gifts, graduations, weddings . . . use this floral gift box for any occasion at all!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (3)

Folded Cardstock Gift Boxes

Photo Credit:Nikki Wills

Gift boxes can be made in any size you need with this tutorial! Nikki gives you a formula (rather than exact measurements) to make a custom cardstock box out of beautiful papers.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (4)

DIY Gift Box in a Few Easy Steps (So Cute!)

Make a DIY gift box using a very simple method – along with fabric and Mod Podge! This idea is easy to make and easy to customize.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (5)

Make a Simple Paper Gift Box


If you have a great gift ready but no gift box available - check your craft stash for some pretty papers! This will show you how to make a simple paper gift box and also offers a free template.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (6)

Paper Cup Gift Boxes


Do you like to use things you might have around the house for gift wrapping? I love making recycled gift packaging, and these paper cups turned DIY gift boxes are genius (and cute!)


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (7)

DIY Paper Mache Cake Box


You might be looking at this little birthday gift box and thinking, "I have no time to make that!" Yes you do - it's way easier than it looks! You'll need a glue gun and some tissue paper. This is a very fun craft!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (8)

Cardboard Gift Boxes Without a Template


Julie figured out a way to make a straightforward cardboard gift box - with no template! She'll show you how to do it in her blog post. Perfect for smaller Christmas gifts or hanging advent calendars.

(Video) DIY Gift Box | Party Favors


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (9)

DIY Gift Boxes with Duck Tape

Photo Credit:Jamie Sanders

You can use old cereal boxes or greeting cards to make the bling-iest gift boxes! Pick your sparkly patterns of Duck Tape and get started.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (10)

Heart Shaker Gift Box


This DIY gift box has a few more steps than some of the others, but it's still easy peasy! I love the sequins that shake inside the lid. It's like a gift box snowglobe!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (11)

Fabulous DIY Gift Boxes in Four Easy Steps

While these were originally made for party favors, they would work perfectly for smaller gifts! These simple and cute DIY gift boxes are so easy to make – and use a supply that you already have in your house!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (12)

Easy Cookie Gift Boxes DIY


Make these easy cookie gift boxes to deliver all your Christmas treats in style. The lid is equipped with a cute window to show off your treats (just like a professional bakery box!).


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (13)

DIY Popsicle Favor Boxes


Are they small? Yes. Are they summer themed? Yes. But I don't care. These popsicle gift boxes are too cute not to gift all year! Get the free printables at the post.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (14)

How to Make a Paper Gift Box

Photo Credit:Lauren Lanker

Want to create your own flower tab paper gift box out of pretty scrapbook paper and add a handmade touch to your next Mother’s Day gift or party favor? Get the easy, breezy tutorial and access to the FREE printable download!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (15)

DIY Gift Box For Christmas

Photo Credit:Maritza Lisa

This simple DIY gift box leaves room for your creativity because you can personalize it with your own patterns and make the boxes double sided! You'll love the double-sided touch because it is SO easy to do.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (16)

DIY Knotted Fabric Wrapped Favor Boxes


Take some cues from the soft textures and subtle hues of springtime and package up gifts for your next event using this wrapping technique. Mismatched florals and tidy knots create a look that is feminine, tailored, and oh-so-sweet.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (17)

(Video) DIY Cardboard Gift Boxes

How to Make a One Sheet Gift Box

Photo Credit:Holly Gagnon

If you're giving away a lot of baked goods this upcoming holiday season, you're going to need some easy DIY gift boxes! You can make this with ONE sheet of 12 x 12" scrapbook paper.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (18)

Cute Kitty Themed Paper Gift Box for Kids

Photo Credit:Leslie Manlapig

Make this fun black cat paper gift box! It’s perfect for someone that has a Halloween birthday, or for any kitty lover in your life.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (19)

Little House Gift Boxes


Have a cute idea for a housewarming gift? Then you're going to need this little house gift box! Delia offers the free cut file on her blog.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (20)

DIY Paper Box Strawberry

Photo Credit:Maggy Woodley

If you're gifting little treats or jewelry, these paper strawberry gift boxes are so cute and will come in handy! The best part is you can also use them as decor or even make a garland with them.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (21)

Free Printable Piece of Cake Gift Box

Photo Credit:Itsy Belle

This is such a cute idea to give someone their birthday gift OR use for party favors or celebratory treats! Great for leaving on a coworkers desk, too.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (22)

Captivating Kirigami Ten-Sided Gift Box


A first look at this DIY gift box and you might think it's complicated to put together! The truth is, it’s an amazingly simple craft project that you and the kids could try your hand at right now!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (23)

Paper Donut Gift Boxes

Photo Credit:Kate Lilley

If you're giving out candy or small edible goodies, these DIY gift boxes are about as cute as it gets! Make them using the provided paper template.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (24)

Acetate Foil DIY Gift Boxes

Photo Credit:Kim Demmon

Acetate is a very cool material to make gift boxes out of, especially if you have a Cricut! These gift boxes make great wedding favors, table setting gifts, party favors or just a quick gift filled with candy.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (25)

Origami Candy Boxes


(Video) DIY Favor Box | Handmade gift box | DIY paper crafts | Party Favors | Birthday gift ideas for her

Learn how to make a pretty origami candy box! The ends of this cute box slot togetherand make a cute little gift box that is perfect for holidays or parties.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (26)

DIY Get Well Care Package for a Loved One

This is another way to decorate a larger gift box for sending as a get well package! Learn how to make a fabulous care package for a friend or family member that is sick or had surgery. Fill it with items they love!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (27)

Fox Gift Box for Woodland Themed Parties

Photo Credit:Leslie Manlapig

Make a super cute woodland themed gift box with this fun fox craft idea! Kids will love making it and you probably have a lot of the supplies already.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (28)

Chinese Takeout Box & Fortune Cookies


These Chinese takeout box printable templates and fortune cookies make for colorful and festive party décor - but also double as party favors and gift boxes.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (29)

How To Make A DIY Explosion Box


Learn how to make anexplosion box: a unique personalized gift that bursts open with photos and memories as soon as you open it! On the very inside is a small gift box. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, prom-posals and even engagements could be celebrated with an explosion box.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (30)

Free Paper Gift Box Template


These DIY favor boxes are super easy to make and you can make it using lots of different types of inexpensive - and even free - materials. Perfect for small wedding gifts for guests too.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (31)

Conversation Heart Gift Box Printable


These cute conversation heart boxes are perfect for gift giving this Valentine's Day! You can easily fill them up with little gifts, chocolates or lollies.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (32)

Paper Heart Box Tutorial


Make a pretty 3D paper heart gift box. Download the free printable template to make your own DIY heart box, great for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, parties, or weddings!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (33)

Easter Carrot Treat Boxes

Photo Credit:Kirsten Whitby

All you need is some orange cardstock and green ribbon - and Kristen's free template - to make the cutest DIY gift boxes ever for Easter.


(Video) DIY : CHEAP Party Favor Boxes | Diy Giveaway Ideas | Paper Gift Box | Party Favor

DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (34)

DIY Pineapple Boxes


Make your own DIY pineapple box with just paper, scissors, and glue! Then fill with treats and they are the perfect party favor for any summer-y, tropical celebration.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (35)

Back to School Pencil Favor Boxes


To celebrate back to school, here are some colorful pencil favor boxes and tiny cute eraser boxes to print that are perfect for teacher gifts or back to school party decorations. Remember those lovely two tone parallelogram erasers? Classics!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (36)

Printable Apple Gift Boxes


The start of a new school year is the best time to make a good impression. Wouldn’t it be fun to impress your teacher with an apple treat box?


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (37)

Ghost Treat Gift Boxes for Halloween


Kate offers seven designs for the cutest Halloween gift boxes ever! They look like milk cartons - that look like ghosts. Darling!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (38)

North Woods Christmas Gift Box

Photo Credit:Amanda Formaro

North woods items are quite popular, but they really seem to flourish at Christmastime. Learn how to paint this design on a gift box - you could also use this idea on other items such as an ornament or a gift bag, or even a wall plaque.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (39)

Christmas Gift Box Idea

Photo Credit:Kimbo West

Kimbo shows you two ways to add holly and leaves to Christmas gift boxes! I absolutely love her ideas, and they're easy enough for beginners.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (40)

DIY Gingerbread House Gift Boxes

Photo Credit:Brittany Jepsen

Gingerbread houses are a holiday classic, but this craft changes them up a bit! This tutorial combines the fun of decorating a gingerbread house with the joy of giving gifts (and it will last much longer than a real gingerbread house)!


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (41)

Free Printable Treat Boxes for Christmas


These adorable giftboxes for Christmas capturethe magic of elf villages seen in Christmas movies. They make perfect Secret Santa presents, stocking stuffers, andeven cookie holders. Get your free printable at the post.


DIY Gift Boxes For Any Celebration (42)

Tiny DIY Gift Boxes


Looking for the tiniest gift box ever, maybe for a piece of jewelry - or just for decorating under a mini tree? These are the cutest, and very easy to make!

(Video) Treat Boxes | DIY Party Favors

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